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Legal process outsourcing is a great support to legal entities. This involves obtaining legal support from an external service provider to manage your legal business administrative functions. Many law firms benefit from quality work even while trying to save money owing to this service.

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Services provided as a component of legal process outsourcing include typing, document review, transcription, coding, and drafting. All services are customized to meet specific client requirements. Park utilizes the latest innovations in technology that enable us to serve clients faster and in a better manner. We are the best option for all digitization requirements. Legal data in any format, whether paper or electronic, and audio/video can all be digitized efficiently and made readily available whenever and wherever you need it.

Park also undertakes legal research to obtain significant information on certain legal matters. We ensure that the data collected is accurate, unambiguous, and useful. We have considerable knowledge in different areas and aspects. As we are experts in outsourcing, we carry out dedicated research to collect authentic information on some definite issues.

While looking for efficient outsourcing services, you must partner with a long-term experience firm such as Park, since the job requires lots of attention, knowledge, and understanding of legal matters. Hence, without enough experience, a firm will not be able to offer you top-class services as per your requirement.

Advantages ensured by Legal Process Outsourcing


  1. Value-added services customized to meet specific client requirements
  2. Access to experienced legal professionals and outstanding expertise
  3. Cost savings of up to 30 – 40%
  4. Save valuable time that can be utilized for more core processes
  5. 24/7 customer service
  6. Dedicated workforce
  7. Complete document security through confidentiality agreements, password protection, and restricted access

Park – Competent Legal Process Outsourcing Company

To utilize the full benefits of legal process outsourcing, you need to choose Park, a reliable LPO company. We are one of the leading service providers active in the industry. Consider our pricing and terms of service including turnaround time ensuring which is best in the industry with our service quality. Tie up with Park to ensure customized services at pricing within your budget.

With our lively innovation, efficacy, and quality, Park is one of the best companies rendering LPO services globally. Park Solutions provides value-based decisions at the lowest cost.

Our team of varied and like-minded professionals is equipped with an ocean understanding and experience in contracts, document review, legal research, and many more. Park has the technology to safeguard that we deliver consistent, measurable results and through cautious use of technical assistance and a value-sourcing approach, Park Solutions can effectively cut the peril in the business of law and cost as well.



Our expert team of professionals who have a robust knowledge of various big law firms delivers tailor-made services such as

  1. Litigation Support
    • Descriptive document preparations
    • Exhaustive document review
    • Post review trial preparation
    • Deposition summaries
    • Conducting research
    • Redactions
    • Objective coding
  2. Legal Research
    • Evidence research
    • Historical fact search
    • Assessing the cause/motive of action
    • Extracting documents
    • Preparing arguments
    • Foreign law research
    • Statutes and references research
    • Legal knowledgebase research (Ex. Westlaw)
  3. Contract Management Services
    • Drafting
    • Contract creation and Negotiation
    • Contract execution
    • Post contract management
  4. Asset Research
    • Liquidity and worth of your Debtor
    • Fraudulent conveyance exists in legal matter
    • Locate & recover proceeds of embezzled operation
  1. We have gained the trust of our clients by sticking on to the core values such as

    • Experienced attorneys team
    • Non-disclosure clauses
    • Quick turn-around time
    • Effective cost-cutting