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Security Monitoring

Security monitoring is the robotic process of collecting and analyzing indicators of potential security threats, then sorting these threats with the desired action.

Most companies are habitually exposed to security threats of varying cruelty in the normal course of conducting business. Given the universal, inevitable nature of security risks, quick response time is cardinal to maintaining system security, and automated, continuous security monitoring is vital to quick threat detection and response.

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Impacts of the security monitoring system

Businesses are all of different sizes and types, so it is important to remember that every business will need a security system that fits their needs.

When considering a monitoring system for your business, you should think not only of crime but water and fire damage also. These can be devastating occurrences that have ruined many a business. However, if caught early by a monitoring system, that result is very unlikely.

However, most of the time, most businesses will deal with theft. Thieves have become more sophisticated over the years and businesses have struggled to keep up. Thieves are also very unpredictable; they may carry a weapon or not be lucid due to drug use. Most thieves also do not fear risk which means they can be capable of anything.

Businesses that are extremely susceptible to criminals are establishments that are open 24 hours a day including convenience stores, restaurants, and gas stations. When you enter most of these establishments, you will notice signs such as “No Cash on Hand After 10 p.m.”. Unfortunately, these don’t deter robbers as there is still plenty of merchandise including lottery tickets to be had.



Wanting to know, what we specialize when it comes to CCTV monitoring

  1. Day and night monitoring
  2. Rapid response
  3. Equipped observatory
  4. Secured data
  1. Hikvision - iVMS
  2. Dahua - SmartPSS
  3. CPPLUS - KVMS Pro
  4. UNV - EZStation